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Please Improve This beta stage concept, and make it possible by spreading the idea around.

Summary: In answer to the question of how Reason Magazine followers can help The USA take back the constitution, and terminate the "Feds Judicial Review" shenanigans.... we need to do three things....

Send a power broker to meet with all 50 Governors, and convince them to join a new "Governors Constitution Committee". It is believed that these governors ( with the state legislatures ), have the constitutional authority to create a State originated "Constitutional Convention", in contrast to the typical Congress originated process for Amendments. We can hope the states would jump at the chance to gain back constitutional interpretation authority.

Once this governors panel is created outside of Washington's interference, we need to create the Tribunal panel that the states will authorize to arbitrate on the contract the thirteen states signed, called our Constitution. In common law, as in the constitution, all parties to a contract have the right to seek remedy for contractual violation. The States Convention will immediately create and empower their preferred Constitutional Reviewer, thus hopefully castrating SCOTUS.

The task of this Constitution Tribunal, is to be an impartial body for the states and the people to both know when washington pisses on the constitution, and to bear down upon the senate and house to start impeachment proceedings. This panel posts full page notices for all washington violations, and has a weekly video report ( Youtube, cable, etc ) on all Washington decisions, and events, with a conclusional decision of whats unconstitutional, and exactly WHY ! The value of this is also to educate, and awaken Americans on the constitution rules and strategies.

Perhaps our constitutional panel, and state powered convention will first highlight to the public, and reverse the abomination of the 17th amendments confiscation of State nomination, and thus power of their Senators. This one was of the stratigical final nails in the coffin that Washington perpetrated on the USA, and the Constitution. We must fix this First.

The last wave of this "Branuity,com" strategy, is to use this original state power over senators to enforce impeachment process again, and to encourage its more frequent use as an acceptable solution.

Please read on if You Can help, or want to know more.


Let's Help Our Enemy's Enemy

Idea.... maybe the greedy states can be our tool?

I'm sure you are familiar with the old saying, that "my enemy's enemy, can be an ally. Here is a provocative new strategy, designed to weaken Washington, and the Supreme Court.

As you know, the Supreme Court has stolen the constitution from us free Americans, by claiming they have the final right to decide for us, and the states, on what the constitution means. The polite legal name for this offense is called "Judicial Review". Contrary to what we have been taught--the Constitution never gave the Federal government the right to decide what the Constitution means. So, for better or worse, here's my plan on how to take that privilege back away from them. But be forewarned, it involves coaxing the 50 state governors to form a constitution interpretation panel, and constitution enforcement committee, to better represent their own greedy interests

As you know, this is the way it used to be, before Washington broke the design of the constitution with the illegal 17th amendment. The founding framers intended for the states to have direct control of senators. The threat of recall or impeachment was the price a Senator risked for serving the cabals of Washington, instead of his state masters.

Arguably, this loss of the tight state control, on the leash of their senators, is one method that has facilitated Washington to go astray of freedom, the Constitution, and its allowed powers. This is what has disfigured our nation, and economy with the EPA / FDA / IRS / DOJ / USDA / DEA / CIA, and all the other alphabet federal agencies forbidden by the constitution.

Fortunately, one thread still remains for Americans to regain control of our servants, instead of them controlling us, like puppets. That is to send an emissary to help them form "The Governors Constitution Committee".. here's how it can hopefully work.....

A) We need a respected, non-partisan emissary to meet most of the 50 state governors, and convince them to participate, or join in, a new board that pools their granted authority in the Constitution ( ie the state legislature ). One could legally argue that the states represent one half of the parties to the 1778 contract, called the Constitution, and maybe even 100% if the constitution is merely a compact, amongst the states. In common law, both parties to a contract are allowed to seek remedy for violation of terms. Many scholars know that through the abomination called "Judicial Review", the SCOTUS has stolen the interpretive rights for their benefit. Allowing Washington to decide its own powers is akin to letting the fox guard the "hen house".

B) States still retain the legal right to originate a constitutional convention ( as opposed to a congressionally started constitutional convention ). I believe it will appeal to the greed of the governors and/or state legislatures to form their own body to challenge washington. 

C) If we can pool their powers, we may be able to create some unique constitutional chess moves. Such as..... Challenge SCOTUS Judicial Review, and immediately have states appoint their own "Constitution Arbitration Council". This is hoped, could be used as a new constitutional tool against the federal courts.

D) Immediately our governors panel must create the Constitution Enforcement, and Impeachment Board. This will be their tool to chastise and control errant Judges, Congress, and Presidents. And possibly a way for the average american to realize whats taking place now in Washington IS NOT constitutional. Of course this panel can only point out to congress that a constitution clause is violated, and plead for impeachment process to be started, or investigated by the lower house. But, it is likely, a state governor and/or legislature can still recall their own senator if they disobey the state.

E), One of the first steps should therefore be to immediately cancel the 17th amendment as unconstitutional.

There is no doubt, such a concept will be challenged. Will the people accept this behavior by their states? Will the Feds again send in the guards, and kill Americans like in the unconstitutional and immoral civil war. It could be an interesting and constitutionally valid counter maneuver. And, yes, I know the power hungry states, cant be trusted much better than the Feds, but at least, this new strategy has some hope of using state greed to chip away at Washington DC's greed.

But Mike, Im no constitution genious, so maybe you can look at this strategy proposal, and improve upon it? Maybe you can fix it, and get some smart and powerful people involved? Maybe we can move this concept up the ladder to higher up officials in the Libertarian Party, who might adapt this orphan idea, and support it. Or, maybe you can help spread this idea, if you like it, and make it viral. 

So, please think about this proposal, and kindly get back to me with any improvements, suggestions you believe can make it better, and help make it a reality!

Many Thanks & Regards
Charles Novitsky

A Libertarian Strategic Think Tank

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Welcome to the “Constitution Enforcement Task-Force” website. This website is about spreading the strategy to fix America by enforcing Our Constitution. The goal is to enforce the constitution as written, since it is a contract with Americans, and contracts are not subject to whimsical reinterpretation, even if the outcome is beneficial or expedient.

Many Constitutional Legal scholars argue about the meaning of the Constitution. Some experts come up with their own outlandish reinterpretation. But the factual meaning behind each and every word, can be easily proven. Proven in a court of law, or by common legal sense, by reviewing the many writings and opinions of Our Constitutional Founders, including the Federalist Papers. In fact, there are no complicated, ambiguous, hidden meanings to anything in Our precious Constitution. To claim otherwise is dangerous twisting of the language, or claiming the right to re-interpret both the English language and documented founder intent, and is constitutional treason, and therefor impeachable. Impeachable by any member of the Federal Government, no matter their claim of immunity. This even includes Presidents, Supreme Court Judges, and All Congresspeople1.

It has been erroneously claimed that the Constitution aims to balance the three powers of the Federal government, between Executive ( The President),  Judicial ( Supreme Court Judges ), and  Legislative ( Congress Senate and House ). The claim is wrong, because it forgets to include the two other parties of major interest to the balance and the contract. Those two, for Whom the Constitution was in fact written for...  are "The People, and The States". What a ridiculous oversight to not mention the contractee of such an important legal contract and document called, The Constitution ! The implicit parties to the balance of the Federal Powers contract are fivefold --The People... The States... The Supreme Court.....The Congress ..... The President. Unfortunately as the wise may notice, the three branches got into cahoots together, locking Us out. And power drunkenly wishing they could subterfuge the Constitution for and amoungst Themselves. Now, We don't promise the Country will be a whole lot better instantly. There will still be imperfection in Government, but this will help over the long haul. I say give it a chance for the next 50 years, and lets see what happens.

We have observed in the civil war of 1861, that the Federal government will unmercifully attack any State, or individual, that seeks to challenge their ill gotten supremacy. In 1861, eleven entire states were so unhappy, with amongst other things, the violations of the Constitution, they sought to enforce their constitutional rights, by succession. Succession can be defined as a temporary, or permanent divorce from the United States. State succession is a guaranteed remedy in the constitution that was in fact successfully used as a legal tool by Thomas Jefferson Himself. There can be no better source of Constitutional legality than Jefferson, one of the Constitutions writers !

Shockingly, Lincoln chose to attack. Attack, instead of ameliorate and solve the disputed issues. Even if only one State were to be in challenge, the Constitution does not allow attack of the States. But for eleven States to be dissatisfied with the performance of Washington DC, and be attacked is truly unfathomable, and criminal. It is 100% unconstitutional, and in strict violation of the Constitution. It is treason of the worst kind.

And so, what can America now do, to gain back control of the Country from the out of control Federalists. According to The "Brainuty Think Tank" in San Diego, The clever strategy to pit the States against the Feds, but through impeachments by Congress this time.

Some Libertarians may correctly observe that The States Themselves, are also known to be totalitarianistic statist usurpers of power, property, and freedoms.But as they say, The Enemy of My Enemy, can be a Friend, or at least a useful distraction, and stopgap to thwart infinitely Growing Federal Government powers. So, in conclusion, what is direly needed as a practical solution to the mess America is in, is Our manipulative strategy to use the States selfish desires, to chop some of the excess growth and rust accumulated by Washington DC. How this is achievable will follow below, in the next section.

The Plan & Strategy:

Stop and ask anyone in Government, or on the street about The Constitution. Amazingly, nearly all Americans, will claim to believe in the Constitution, no matter if they are Democrat, Republican, Liberal Left, or Conservative Right. No one ever dares to insult the Constitution. This is the beauty of this Constitutional strategy, in that no one can argue against it without seeming un-American, even the most idealist socialist. Ironically, few people are knowledgeable of what the Constitution really says, most having last studied it in grade school. Even a majority of Congress and Washington DC fat-cats no longer remember nor understand The Constitution. We should test Them all, someday.

The Constitution Enforcement Committee can first be started as a nongovernmental board, and eventually with popular support, made to function as a Congressional Committee, with both Public and State, and Congressional oversight. It involves two key steps and strategies.

Organizing State Supreme Court Legislators, or other influential State Bodies, to Join a "National Constitutional Task Force", for their own benefit and protection, and in turn, form Their own State Subcommittee. The task is for each outgoing or newly elected Congressperson to be indoctrinated, and made to understand their State duty to start relentlessly enforcing the Constitution. While in Congress, They are to be answerable to The State, and not to Washington. This is initially more easily achieved with each of the 100 States Senators, but since it is the duty only of The 435 House of Representatives to initiate an impeachment, some strategy is needed to eventually indoctrinate and control them as well. Any Congressperson Who fails in their duty to enforce the States perspective on The Constitution is recalled by The State. It is foreseen that The independent Constitution Enforcement Committee reviews all Congressional, Presidential, and Supreme Court activities, public statements, bills, laws and decisions in light of Constitutional Legality, and possible violations.The Committee should be composed of a wise body of party neutral constituents, and political historians, as well as legal scholars, and the knowledgeable Public. The results of this review process, are made public, broadcast on YouTube, and syndicated newspapers and web-sights, for all People to know.

Upon public declaration by the Committee of a violation to the Constitution, the violator is informed, and warned of the impeachable offense, and the constitutional basis for the violation. He, or She is then given the demand to retract the offensive statement or bill, or legislative decision, at threat of recall or impeachment. A copy of this decision is also furnished to that Congresspersons States Subcommittee on Constitution Enforcement, and thus the next step of recall can be initiated if needed, or simply to add more bark to the bite. 

One must first understand that impeachment does not remove anyone from office, it is merely the same as accusing or bringing up legal charges. It is therefore only an accusatory statement of a crime or violation. The individual then must be judged by a court or body to be guilty for anything to happen. So to initiate many instances of impeachment should not be considered by itself to be reckless. Only if the violator is proved to be culpable does impeachment lead to removal from office. Unfortunately, the Constitution does not allow for additional criminal penalties, though separate prosecution for treason or fraud can follow in a separate court.

If one thinks about the mess America has become, We need to ask how We allowed these problems to be created. We have a Federal Government that has failed...
  • Failed in Education of Our students
  • Failed by creating a Federal Reserve Central Bank that cant control Money nor inflation
  • Failed with a CIA that didn't catch 9/11 WTC bombing, yet is complicit with training al-Qaeda2
  • Failed with FBI that also didnt catch the 9/11 terrorists, yet had ample warnings
  • Failed with SEC not prosecuting politically connected Corzine, and MF Global's corruption, and not catching Madoff early.
  • Failed DOJ, by not controlling crime, with over 2.5 million people in prison.
  • Failed DOJ with the so called War ON Drugs, wasting trillions, and ruining careers of many a harmless drug user.
  • Failed with an EPA, that has single handedly reduced Americas GDP and wealth.
  • Failed with a USDA, that allows salmonella infected meats and vegetables to ship, and pays farmers to not plant.
  • Failed with FDA allowing dangerous drugs on market, yet delaying potential cures from last chance cancer victims.

I think You get the idea, I could go on, and on -- yet strangely, all of the above Federal Alphabet Failures, are illegal according to the Constitution. Yes, I know that sounds implausible -- but if you re-read the Constitution, you will see in big letters, the Federal Government was given a list of the ONLY things it was allowed to do. This is called The Enumerated Powers list..... its important. But even more important is the fact that, another section repeats and re-asserts the importance of our Founding Fathers wish for Restricted Enumerated Powers... it is mentioned again, where this time the Constitution says, all those enumerated powers allowed for Federal Government, well, only those are allowed, and furthermore, anything that is not on the list is allowed by and for the People, and or The States... But not allowed by FOR The Federal Government !

So maybe We really therefore need to ask, why are We even allowing the Federal Government to fail in tasks and jobs the Constitution forbids them to control, or even become involved with! But, hold on, You're thinking, Who will do these important services for America? The answer, as Our founding fathers saw it, was for The States to do most of these chores. The States could even band together, to form their own national version of the FBI. So, essentially these things are legally allowed by States, but not by The Federal Government. Its a rather simple rule to understand. Perhaps the wisdom and vision of Our founders was to see that States have the autonomy to attract a free population if they succeed at controlling their own state budgets, and attracting business and therefore more jobs to its population. This way the best standards can be copied by the other States, or not, failure is at their own peril.

Solution Summary

  • Form Committee backed by some political and business heavyweights.
  • Committee to be composed of non-party Legal Experts, Historians, or as wise and neutral politically as possible.
  • Review Weekly, all Washington DC Federal Officials statements, bill, laws, votes, review constitutionality, and make public.
  • Send notices to all DC Constitutional violators, citing violation, and threatening Impeachment if not reversed, or disavowed.
  • Forming and coordinating all State Subcommittees and activities and progress reports.
  • To coordinate indoctrination of all newly elected Congresspersons, on behalf of States, and codify the criteria and standards.
  • Forming a Task Force to engage Senate to engage The House, to initiate Impeachment, and in turn judged by Senate.

1 Some argue a congressperson cannot be impeached since Congress voted in 1799 that They were exempt from impeachment, and can only be expelled. This is itself an abomination to The Constitution, and therefore can be ruled "illegal" if challenged by The Constitution Enforcement Committee.